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How to Repair Your Broken Electric Clothes Dryer - It is Easier Than You Think!

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Stop Paying $400 Every 5 or 6 Years For a New Dryer!

At one time, we purchased 3 dryers since in a time span of only 16 years! Repairs cost a lot out in the rural area where we lived ($200 not unusual), there was not a lot of good information on repairing dryers nor were there parts easily and cheaply available. But that has changed now. There are very affordable parts - just go to a site like and enter your dryer model number and you will find all the parts you need. And often the parts will be about half the price of what dealers would charge.

At first attempt, it seemed like it would be difficult to fix my own dryer. Where to start? But once I succeeded in my first repair, I found many dryers to be similar. In fact, I found some dryers to be identical to each other despite being of different brand. Did you know that Kenmore dryers are really Whirlpool dryers with a Kenmore tag on them?

The first step in many dryer repairs is to pop the top. This is very simple, involving nothing more than a putty knife or butter knife to depress two springs as you lift. Instructions on for removing the top are shown at the removing the top page.

The second step in many dryer repairs it to remove the front panel. This generally involves removing two screws, one on each side of the top inside of the front panel. This step is shown for various models on this page. Once the front is removed, you will often have direct access to the belt (or broken belt) and this repair may be made. Also, you may then remove the drum and have complete access to the components within the cabinet. See belt replacement procedures also.

Dryer heaters will sometimes go out. These heaters are the equivalent of a giant kitchen toaster electric element. These elements are generally not too difficult to replace and cost about $50. On some dryers, replacement can take as little as 10 minutes once you have the part. See this page on replacing dryer heating elements.

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I will gladly help anyone that emails me with a question (at no charge). Just drop me an email. In addition to helping people with dryer repair questions, I also donate dryers to needy people in our area and repair dryers for people in the area I live in at no charge to them. I obtain dryers from a local appliance store at a nominal cost ($9 per dryer) and then repair them and donate them or use them for parts. You can help keep this going by visiting this site and telling your friends about this site. The affiliate links I have to help in supporting this site, so if you could, please order parts through this site (you will save money too since they often offer the lowest prices!) Also, you can donate as little as a dollar or two with the donate button below if you want. If you could, please tell your facebook friends or post to one of the other social bookmarking sites shown below - that alone would be a great help!

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