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How To Replace a Belt on a Dryer

How To Replace the Belt on an Electric Dryer

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Step 0 - Disconnect the Power Cord!

Step 1 - Remove The Top and Inspect Belt
Follow the steps shown at the Removing The Top Page to remove the top. Once the top is removed, you can inspect to see if the belt is broken or damaged.

pop the dryer top dryer top

Step 2 - Remove the front.
In just about every model, you will have to remove the front of the dryer cabinet in order to remove the belt. To do this, you will have to remove two screws on the top inside of the front panel, as shown on the bottom left photo. Once these two screws are removed, you may lift the front out and up away from two tabs at the bottom. If there are controls on the front panel, you will have to unhook wires before removing the panel as well.

Remove Screws on Dryer Remove Dryer Front

Step 3 - Gain access to motor and idler pulley.
In some models, like the Amana, there will also be a bulkhead that will need to be removed before you will have access to the belt (see bottom left photo). And in the Amana, you will still not have access to the motor and pulley when the drum is in place, but you will have to remove a knockout panel (See Amana Belt Replacement). In most other models, once the front panel is removed you will have access to the motor and pulley from the front (See Maytag Belt Replacement) or via a back panel (See Kenmore Belt Replacement).

Remove Bulkhead Bulkhead Exposed

Step 4 - Replace belt and thread over motor and idler pulley.
In all models, you will place the new belt over the drum in the location of the old belt. You will see wear marks on the drum from the old belt. You then must thread the belt over the motor and idler pulley after gaining access in Step 3. To get enough slack to thread the belt, push the idler pulley in as shown on the left photo below. In some models you will need to have someone hold the drum in place while you do this or else you will have to rig up some sort of temporary support for the drum. You can get low priced parts at - just enter your model number.

Remove Access Panel Remove Access Panel

Step 5 - Reassemble the dryer.
To reassemble the dryer, perform the previous steps in reverse order.

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