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How To Remove The Dryer Drum

How To Remove the Drum From Your Electric Dryer

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Step 0 - Unplug Your Power Cord!

Step 1 - Remove The Top
Follow the steps shown at the Removing The Top Page to remove or secure the top. Once the top is removed or secured in place, you can inspect to see if the belt is broken or damaged.

pop the dryer top dryer top

Step 2 - Remove the front.
In virtually every model, you will need to remove the front of the dryer as your next step. In most models, there are two screws on the inside of the front panel near the top, as shown below. Once you remove these two screws, you may lift the front panel off two tabs at the bottom. Once you remove the front on some models, the drum may be pulled out - in fact on such models be careful that the drum does not fall out on its own once the front is removed. On other models, you may need to remove a bulkhead (See Amana Dryer Repair) or remove rear screws that hold the dryer drum to the back (See Kenmore Dryer Repair).

Remove Screws on Dryer Remove Dryer Front

Step 3 - Remove the bulkhead, if there is one. Or remove rear screws, if present.
In Amana models you may need to remove a bulkhead, as shown in the lower left photo, before you will have access to the belt. In some Kenmore models, you will need to remove rear screws inside the drum that attach the drum to a rotating plate at the rear of the dryer, as shown in the lower right photo. In many other models, the dryer drum may be removed without any other steps once the front is off.

Remove Bulkhead Bulkhead Exposed

Step 4 - Perform repairs. Reassemble.
You may obtain parts at - enter your model number to find your parts. Once you have performed any needed repairs after the drum is removed, you may then reassemble the dryer by performing the previous steps in reverse order.

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