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How To Remove and Secure a Dryer Top

How To Pop The Top of an Electric Dryer and Safely Secure

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Step 0 - Disconnect the Power Cord!

Step 1 - Depress Spring Clips and Lift Top
Regardless of the make or model, removing the top of a dryer almost always involves depressing two spring clips in the front of the dryer and lifting upward. In some models, like the Maytag dryer shown in the bottom left photo, you may need to remove several screws that attach the top to a lint filter as well.

Remove Lint Filter Pop The Top

Step 2 - Either remove the top or support the top.
In many models, the top will have control units connected with many wires. In this type of dryer you need to vertically support the top from above as shown in the lower left photo - otherwise you risk damaging or even shearing off wires! In other models, like the Kenmore model shown on the right, you only need to remove a ground wire and then the entire top may be removed from two hinges.

Secure The Top Unhook Wires

With the top removed, you can visually inspect the belt and also inspect for build up of lint. If you see lint buildup, you should remove the front and drum and thoroughly clean the unit to avoid fire hazard.

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